The biosafety is essential to the health

Cabins Biosecurity are a closed and ventilated enclosure to work safely with contaminated materials, such as viruses or bacteria. These are absolutely necessary for an environment exposed to potentially infectious agents or considered to be of biological risk.

In May 2005, the World Health Organization (WHO) in the 58th World Health Assembly approved Resolution WHA58.29, called Enhancement of Laboratory Biosafety, in there they considered that “biosecurity is part of the essential elements of the quality management system and that the vulnerability of the community to the natural, accidental or intentional diffusion of high-risk biological agents for health and the environment is reduced to through the implementation of preventive measures in the laboratory”.

In conclusion, biosafety is essential to ensure good use of chemical agents and the results they have at the time of being evaluated. All this with the intention of safeguarding health care in communities where diseases caused by viruses, bacteria or parasites develop.

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